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the 1888 co. is a family owned and operated business and has been operating in the strata management sector since 1993.


our name and our brand is unique to the strata sector in Australia. this includes our personal service delivery and engagement with our clients. we wanted to establish ourselves as unique and this is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors which starts with the 1888 co. name.


the team at the 1888 co. wanted a link to history of body corporate / strata management. this took a worldwide search as to how we could link and associate our business to some form of history to strata management/body corporate management/condominium management. our researched showed that while strata management and larger type buildings is relatively new in australia in other countries that is not the case. 

multi-layered buildings have been constructed around the world for many centuries however large multiunit large buildings predominately grew in the united states due to significant economic growth in the 1870's. throughout the mid to late 1880's there was significant growth in a new class of taller buildings, first of which was Chicago's 138 floor tall home insurance building, opened in 1885; after 1885 the construction of these tall buildings in Chicago and new York grew significantly and by 1888 were being labelled skyscrapers.

as homage to the use of the word skyscraper, as a collective group we decided to call our company, the 1888 co.

the first skyscraper built in Australia was in 1967, was Australia square in Sydney,

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