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Introducing the 1888 On-Line Portal. Having access to information 24/7 means you can access your records and details at anytime. Owners can access the Portal via a unique login and password. When on the Portal you can access a range of information. 

Some areas and examples that can be accessed include:

  • Update your details and how you receive levies and correspondence

  • Make payments via the Portal either directly or set-up direct debit.

  • Access Reports.

  • Owner Information Report: Lot specific - retrieved from the Owner Info.

The committee are also able to access information relating to:

  • Asset Register: Retrieved from the Asset.

  • Owner Ledger Card: Lot specific - retrieved from the Ledger Card.

  • Master List Report: This is the Master Chart of general ledger of account codes in StrataMax.

If you require further information on the portal and what you can access, please email

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