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Legal Services in Strata Management is a question raised but in many instances not understood.

Many owners corporations engage the services of a lawyer or the seeking of legal advice without fully understanding the statutory responsibilities on the owners corporation.

This is sometimes the strata committee engaging or seeking legal advice and/or the strata managing agent, without understanding the requirements to do so.

Legal Advice by Committee
Legal Advice

The below outlines the requirements on owners corporations when seeking legal advice and the engagement of a lawyer.

Legal Services and Levy Recovery 

Legal Fees Limit for Owners Corporations
Strata Lawyer Strata

The Strata Committee can engage the services of legal services without a general meeting, in the following circumstances: 


  1. Where there is urgent action required to protect the interest of the owners; and the cost of the expected legal services does not exceed $15,000 

  1. The matters relates to un paid contributions 

  1. The matter is not urgent where the legal services is less than $3,000 


  • Debt recovery, for the recovery of outstanding levy contributions cannot commence until 21 days after notice that action will be taken 

  • The owners corporation may agree to payment plans in relation to outstanding levy contributions  

Strata Manager Legal Advice
Strata Management

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